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LED Hi-Vis Jackets Industrial

Visijax Wearable Technologies
CKL’s revolutionary LED wearable technology hi-visibility clothing is visible in all conditions – even zero-light. With 11 high intensity LED’s integrated into an EN471 100% waterproof but machine-washable hi-vis vest or jacket – this is TRUE high visibility. The supplied rechargeable battery is good for up to 20 hours use between charges.
Our industrial LED jackets and LED safety vests are powered by a lithium-ion battery which offers over 20 HOURS of continual light in normal usage. There are three settings operated by touch-control– quick flash, slow flash and constant – plus a fourth mode: rapid-flash low-battery warning. Recharging is via a USB–mini-USB cable (supplied), to your laptop or a USB-enabled plug (required). Full charge is reached in approx. 4 HOURS.
The outdoor workwear range utilises high-quality fabric, to keep you warm and dry. You can enjoy comfort while working in typical conditions, rain or shine. Washable on a delicates setting at low temperature with a non-abrasive detergent, detach the battery first.
Improved visibility enhances safety. The whole range of outdoor workwear features incredibly bright high-intensity lights. Even the red 5-LED strip on the back is visible from 400 metres away!
There are three settings operated by touch-control– quick flash, slow flash and constant – plus a fourth mode: rapid-flash low-battery warning.
As these jackets fill in a weakness of conventional hi-vis garments, they are suited to any current task that requires high-visibility to further secure the safety of workers in all possible light conditions. However, there are some uses and scenarios where the LEDs are even more critical.

• Emergency Response Personnel who may be dealing with unpredictable light conditions.

• Serious Incident Response – who may be dealing with a complete blackout in a building, street, or even a town or city block.

• Engineering teams working in variable light conditions

• Airport or sea ports – particularly on dark or foggy conditions

• Rural Postmen, Refuse Collectors who work on dark mornings on dimly lit roads.

• Underground workers, such as miners, tunnel workers, subway train staff, sewer maintenance crews etc.

• Road workers, parking attendants, roadside assistance engineers or lorry drivers who may have to work near roads, which may be dimly lit, or suffer other risks such as fog or rain, which reduces visibility of drivers – particularly if they have forgotten to put the headlights on.

• Construction workers

• Bus Drivers (particularly on early shift)

• Railway workers

• Forestry workers

• Police workers

• Security – can communicate with flashes

• Street crossing guards (lollypopmen)

Heavy-duty, hi-vis jackets and vests are standard-issue. Add embedded LED capability, and your company will benefit significantly: improved workforce morale and reduced risk of injury (with consequent loss of productivity or worse, adverse profile). Keep your people safer and happier, while the washable features extend garment life-cycles to keep you on budget.
Further Security with our Hi-Tech ICE tags
All our TRUE Hi-Vis garments have CKL’s latest innovative ICE tags attached. Using internet technology, the employee stores all his data online, while the small highly durable yet unobtrusive plastic ICE tag sits on the front zip-puller of his jacket. A unique QR-code on the tag is easily scanned by any internet enabled smartphone, enabling rapid access to key information by emergency services first-responder personnel if ever required.
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