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Revolutionising Cycling Safety in Scotland for 2016
There are about 4 billion cyclists in the world and increasing urbanisation means that cycling is getting riskier. Research amongst 5000 cyclists discovered that 55% of them travelled to and from work on ‘autopilot’, with 25% unable to recall details of their commute, including whether or not they had stopped at red traffic lights. It seems clear that cyclists could do with some extra standout on the road.

Around 67% of non-cyclists in Britain feel that it is too dangerous for them to cycle on the roads; and very nearly half (48%) of those who do cycle share this view.

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Younger adults aged 16 – 29 were almost twice as likely as the other age groups to be killed or seriously injured at night.

Help usher in a new era of cycling safety with VISIJAX from CKL

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