VISIJAX® ICEid Tags (3-Pack)

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Get 3 ICEid Tags for a discounted price for a limited period. Use them on various articles of clothing, or give them out as to friends & family for their added security, as well as peace of mind for yourself.
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Product Details

Click the link below for a full list of features, and learn more about the VISIJAX ICEid tags

Save precious minutes for you and your family in emergencies by making your next-of-kin contact details and medical information easily and quickly available to first responders. The ICEid™ “In Case of Emergency” tags contain a link to your secure and private emergency contact details and medical information, which can be accessed by a first responder within seconds of you or a family member having an accident.

How to Register an ICEid™ Tag

  1. Create a User Account, here.
  2. Create Your Emergency Contact Record
  3. Activate Your Tag

Unique Alphanumeric Code

If a smartphone doesn’t have a QR reader, first responders can visit and in a few keystrokes, enter your unique code into our system to access your Emergency Contact Record.

Stay Safe

An ICEid™ Tag enables medical information about you to be accessible securely yet quickly, should it ever be needed. They’re small, inexpensive and can be attached to your keys, clothing or even shoelaces. Important data; emergency contact phone numbers, details of any conditions, blood group and any medication you are taking – may assist the emergency service. A few minutes now may save valuable minutes later.

Step One – Create a User Account

You’ll need an account before you can enter your Emergency Contact Record details. It only takes a couple of minutes. Create Your Account Now.

Step Two – Create Your Emergency Contact Record

This record determines what is shown when emergency responders scan your tag in the unfortunate event of you being incapacitated due to an accident or illness. You can include who to call, medical conditions and any medication that you are taking. You choose what to and what not to include. And you can be certain we will NEVER make this information available to anyone except via your Emergency Contact Display.

Step Three – Activate Your Tag

The simplest step of all — just type in the unique code at that bottom of you tag.

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