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CLYDE KINTWEAR LTD (CKL) – One of the Oldest & Best Clothing Manufacturer in UK



Clothing Manufacturing is not only a simple work; it is the work of Art & Design. Clothing is obviously manufactured by adroitness people; In UK there are various makers that make different range of clothing. Contingent upon the material the things are fabricated in various manners, some are hand sewed some are machine-sewed and others are finished utilizing totally various techniques.



CKL was begun in 1972 to help and serve the best & oldest UK’s Fashion brands and web-based e-commerce business Distributors with their sourcing and article of clothing creation prerequisites.


We handle the entire gracefully chain measure from planning, making tech packs, sourcing for textures and trims, make tests, mass clothing creation, bundling, quality control evaluations to orchestrating conveyance of the items.



Most importantly, we at CKL take a gander at each venture as an organization where quality and the fun of seeing inventive thoughts become animated are the most significant.

We have confidence in our current reality where any individual who has an imaginative thought and a web association, can begin their own personal style mark with us.

Until now, we have worked with clients from everywhere the world, from UK, Europe, USA & Africa and develop their design business and brands.


blog14 CKL Clothing Distributor UK is best known for:-

  1. The fabric, Colour & Clothing Quality
  2. Delivery In Time
  3. Following the UK Standards on all apparel Products
  4. Reasonable Price & highly competitive offers
  5. Huge Range in apparel
  6. Work with high-end to low-end Industry or retailers
  7. Main & Important thing we have professional team to meet the high quality result



CKL Clothing Manufacturer UK is not only limited with clothing or apparel manufacturing or supplying, we are also do the in-house Printing & Embroidery Services Glasgow UK. Embroidery is the method of sewing a plan, typically a logo or organization name, onto apparel. At Printing and Embroidery Services we use condition of craftsmanship weaving machines to effectively weave numerous pieces of clothing at the same time.


A Good-looking logo is essential for creating attention to your Product, Brand -image, or administration. Having your logo weaved onto your organization attire presents an expert picture that separates you from your rivals. All embroidery is carried out with great care, ensuring a personal service from our highly experienced team.

Our organization fabricates trendy and fine quality apparel, which is profoundly requested on the lookout. Our work is totally reliant upon our profoundly talented labour. The human-asset we employ is hand-picked from the absolute best experts in the business.

Our Product range includes with –

  • Leisurewear
  • Workwear
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipments)
  • Schoolwear & kids
  • Sportswear
  • Dancewear & Gym

Our workers have mastery in their specific fields and they remarkably oversee, plan and assembling astounding completion articles of clothing. So as to convey phenomenal quality items, the organization’s working framework is separated into various units with Clothing Design, Planning, Manufacturing & Quality Check. To stay popular and able on the lookout, we lead opportune workshops for the representatives, with the goal that they are guided and prepared to improve their abilities. Our clothing creators are exceptionally engaged to coordinate the most recent plans in the design business.

CKL Clothing Distributor is the completely clothing manufacturer & supplier of leisure wear, work wear & PPE, school wear, Dance & Gym wear since 1972. We offer a friendly, organized and efficient experience. The commitment to our client is the backbone of our success.

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The Dilemma of Glove Quality vs. Glove Price

Glove Quality v. Glove Price

The Dilemma of Glove Quality vs. Glove Price

There is rarely a single obvious choice when choosing gloves from the myriad options available these days – each of which only differing slightly from the next. However any variations, even minor ones, can quickly scale up over time and across a whole workforce to make a significant impact. However, most of the time, the company is not even aware of this, as in the absence of making any comparisons,  it is very hard to tell if you are truly using the perfect glove for your company.

Apart from the essential technical factors, companies are often faced with the fundamental dilemma of choosing between better quality and lower prices.

Sometimes cheap and cheerful would seem to be the clear choice. For example, if you commonly find that staff is frequently losing their gloves, or that the gloves get worn or dirty very quickly, then cheaper gloves would appear to be the logical choice.

However, in reality, the questions should rightly then be asked whether the rapid deterioration is due to their lower grade quality, or if the excessive dirt is due to staff not bothering to clean them simply because they are just cheap gloves and not worth the time.

At least the issue of deterioration can be tested quite easily. One particular client of mine had such an extreme problem, that it stood out to me. It was a well-known UK mattress manufacturer was going through cheap grip gloves at the rate of 3 pairs per day, per member of staff. The latex would simply flake off within a few hours of twisting the mattress springs.

I suggested an alternative grip glove that only cost a pound or two more per glove, but lasted them days, and in some cases, weeks.

This one change of glove resulted in enormous savings to the company as well as eliminating time wasted in having to replace gloves several times a day, whilst also providing the staff with a better performing glove.


Quality vs. Price CHEAPEST Gloves

There is a time and a place for cheaper gloves.
But it may not be as often as you think.

There is also arguably a greater safety risk with cheaper gloves. Their lower grade materials can increase the risk of injury, which in some cases, can lead to lost productivity and even compensation claims, which can do more than wipe out any initial savings.

There is arguably a greater safety risk with cheaper gloves. They may be far safer than bare hands of course, but their lower grade materials generally mean that that there is an increased risk of injury compared with premium gloves. Each incident, can add up to loss of productivity and even compensation claims that can more than wipe out any initial savings.

In saying that, cheaper gloves are fine for low risk, low use environments, high grime environments – and particularly if there is a high risk of them being stolen.


Quality vs. Price BEST ALL-ROUND

The ideal glove is the sweet spot between getting the best performance you can, without paying too much more.

Higher quality, more ergonomic gloves also mean that staff is generally better equipped, more safely protected, comfortable and even contented. This can positive productivity, which could translate into financial savings that more than justify the extra expense.

Higher quality, more ergonomic gloves also mean that staff is generally better equipped, more safely protected, comfortable and even contented. This can positive productivity, which could translate into financial savings that more than justify the extra expense.

In the other hand, the more time an employee spends wearing gloves, the better the glove should be. Higher quality, more ergonomic gloves also mean that staff is generally better equipped, more safely protected, comfortable and even contented. This can positive productivity, which could translate into financial savings that more than justify the extra expense.

Check the full range


Quality vs. Price MAX PERFORMANCE

When gloves are integral to a job,
you need the best glove possible.

In high-risk environments, or for where gloves play a critical role in the effectiveness or efficiency of a regular task, then only the best possible glove will do.

The additional cost may seem like a lot compared to other gloves, but will pale into insignificance compared to the cost savings it could make for your company over time. Bear in mind also that generally the higher the quality of the gloves, the longer they tend to last. This means that you have a greater time period over which to accumulate these cost savings of the efficiencies they bring.

The Grip Force glove above, for example, grips so hard that once during a demonstration I managed to slide my hand completely out of the glove and it attached to the object. Far from a party trick, this revolutionary glove drastically  reduces the human effort required in performing tasks. Normally a sizeably percentage of the energy expended by a worker is spent on maintaining grip. This glove takes care of the grip, thereby requiring up to 40% less torque effort to be expended by the wearer. This  makes using tools – even just a simple screwdriver – far easier and quicker.

Check the full range


Increasingly, organisations are also addressing the issue of lost gloves by providing the first pair of gloves free of charge to their staff, but then requiring them to pay for any premature replacements themselves if they cannot show good cause. This strategy seems to encourage staff to take better care of their quality gloves, reducing cases of lost gloves, and promoting the washing of soiled gloves when possible.


None of this makes the choosing of a glove any easier – in fact it may even make it more confusing. But it does serve to demonstrate some additional factors which should be considered when choosing gloves. To help find the right glove solution, companies can also benefit from commissioning a glove ‘audit’ by their supplier, or even by a second independent supplier, if only to get a valuable second opinion.

Finally, whichever gloves you choose, it is important to also consider the skin care products used by the workforce. This should include any appropriate under-glove anti-perspiration products, both increasingly important factors in any overall hand safety practices of an organisation.

Bali Rakhra LL.B.
Director of PPE & Health & Safety Product Sales at CKL

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The TRUE COSTS of Health & Safety

A penny saved is not always a penny earned

This is an extended version of the Expert Opinion to be published in the Annual Health & Safety Report for the Business Reporter magazine for the Sunday Telegraph June 2016


With H&S, a penny saved isn’t always a penny earned.

The TRUE COSTS to your business from scrimping on H&S may be higher than you think.

In terms of H&S, cost cutting runs the risk of providing only minimal safety, comfort or wellbeing, or reducing H&S to a superficial box-ticking formality – all the while believing that the money saved is improving your bottom line as a business. However, the reality is that the TRUE COSTS to your business from scrimping on H&S may be far higher than you think.

It’s certainly not always the case, but I do regularly encounter companies – usually of small to medium size – that reject a product simply on the basis of the purchase price alone, even if they like the product.

But the true costs of such a decision to reject a higher level of H&S are almost never considered, as they are not easy to calculate.

Whether you know it or not, your company will be paying more than it needs to on the following intangible or hard to measure costs:

• Increased workplace inefficiencies
• Increased staff discomfort
• Increased staff injuries & medical conditions
• Absenteeism & sick pay
• Compensation claims
• Replacement costs of cheaper PPE, etc.
• Damage to reputation (following a major but preventable incident)

Over time, these costs can far exceed the initial costs of quality H&S, whilst adding no extra value to your business.


Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

H.Jackson Brown, Jr

Conversely, the money is often far better spent on quality H&S at the outset.

Case studies repeatedly show directors who genuinely prioritise high quality H&S reap lucrative financial and performance rewards over time. These can include improvements of over 50% in the above areas, as well as in staff retention, a more efficient, motivated workforce and reduced insurance premiums, and so on.

Not only will you reduce your overall costs in the above ways, but your company will also gain from the practical benefits brought about by the superior H&S systems and products that you have purchased.

In assessing an item of H&S expenditure, it is worth estimating how these hard-to-measure costs can be affected.

Another thing worth considering is that innovative products can be a bit of a double-edged sword. The potential advantages they can bring may be clear, but the mere fact that they now exist raises the duty of care for employers. So, in future compensation claims, the opposing lawyers can claim that as new solutions were now available, even if previously for decades they were not, companies who have not provided them can find themselves more heavily punished for rejecting such products, as compared to before such solutions existed.


The Health & Safety Culture of a company is usually a Director or Board level decision. So it is vital that business leaders understand how their leadership decisions will come back to either bite them, or benefit them.

In all of the case studies, it was the Directors who made that call to invest in better H&S, and who reaped the greatest financial rewards.

It is hard to imagine how a greater investment in H&S can ever backfire. But easy to imagine how a lack of it can. Is it worth gambling your business on it?

• Focus less on just the purchase price of a product and more on evaluating the potential savings in each of the areas outlined above.
• Perform staff surveys for feedback on PPE, comfort or wellbeing products.
• Try and find lower cost suppliers for basic items. I personally know that prices can vary enormously. Directors should check that they are procuring from companies that are providing the best value.
• If the initial costs still put you off, have a look at my article here, which explains how you may be able to get the best H&S innovative products to your workforce, without it costing your company a penny.

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Launch of the new Health & Safety Innovations website

Welcome to our new website.

It will deal with all aspects of Innovation in Health & Safety – innovative ideas, advice and insights and products – with an initial focus on PPE.

If we’ve not met before, my name is Bali Rakhra. and I’m currently the Clothing Expert at CKL Distribution – since 1972 one of the UK’s longest established workwear & PPE trade distributors.

I have accumulated 20 years experience in the industry, although my academic background is in Law, Technologies and Manufacturing.

My varied skill set helps me to maintain a somewhat unique, fresh & practical insight on the UK Health & Safety World, while dealing with PPE and H&S products exposes me to the inner machinations as to company needs, frustrations and attitudes. Understanding this assists me in providing better consultancy to our clients, but through this website I can share my ideas with the wider world in my role as a writer, speaker and commentator focusing primarily on innovative ideas within H&S.

I hope the material presented here can help to make the UK a safer place. Even a small difference can scale up sizeably across the whole country, and could make a life changing difference to each individual.

Anyway, on behalf of CKL, we hope that you enjoy the site and find our articles informative and helpful.

If you have get in touch or leave a comment. I answer all my emails personally, and

Thank you.

Bali Rakhra LL.B.
Clothing Expert



• IOSH Conference 2016
  Expert Speaker on “The Importance of Innovation in an Accelerating World” (14:45pm – 15:30pm, Track C)

SUNDAY TELEGRAPH : ‘Business Reporter’ magazine – Annual Health & Safety Report 2016
contributed 2 articles as a UK expert. (Link 1, and  Link 2)
The full version of both articles will be published on this website.

HSM (Health & Safety Matters) Magazine
  Various articles – most of which will be published here also.



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UK companies are unwittingly losing out by misapplying HSE regulations

UK companies are unwittingly losing out by misapplying HSE regulations

Maybe it’s due to my background in law, but while supplying workwear over the past 25 years I’ve noticed that UK organisations are misapplying the HSE regulations in several different ways – and losing out considerably. Here’s one example.


Manufacturers spend millions each year creating fantastic and innovative health and safety products with the potential to improve the lives of the UK’s workforce considerably. Yet often these products just sit on the shelves, benefitting no one. Companies reject these products on the basis of cost, but often, it needn’t even cost them a penny. I can explain.


Legally speaking, UK companies must pay for all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). However, comfort or wellbeing products are often not such “necessary” items of PPE, which is why companies can refuse to buy them. However, this also means that UK companies are not obliged to pay for them. Instead, the workforce can lawfully be offered the choice to buy these products themselves, at their own cost or partly subsidised by the employer.


If handled properly, this represents the ultimate win-win solution. Workers have access to the best, most innovative H&S products that could significantly improve their daily lives, while H&S officers feel more fulfilled, procurement managers are pleased at the savings and the company benefits overall from a happier, more motivated workforce. Also, empowering the workforce to share responsibility for their own wellbeing can reduce any subsequent compensation claims as the onus partly shifts onto the employee for rejecting any product that could have prevented the injury.


There are other win-win solutions I could suggest, but even just this single idea can significantly reduce the UK’s injury statistics and benefit UK companies enormously – and IOSH (The Institution of Occupational Safety & Health) agrees. Of course, proper legal consultancy is required to ensure compliance with HSE regulations – but don’t worry, that’s my job.


This article has been published in Business Reporter – Distributed with “The Daily Telegraph”, “The Sunday Telegraph”, “CITY A.M.”

Bali Rakhra LL.B.
Clothing Expert

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Why your safety boots might actually be damaging your feet.

Why your safety boots might actually be damaging your feet.

Why your safety boots might actually be damaging your feet.

Safety boots have customarily been designed like ‘cages’ for the feet. That doesn’t necessarily sound like a bad thing in itself. It gives you a feeling of security. But it may be these very boots that are damaging the feet of millions of workers every single day.


How many of the millions of people who wear safety boots would describe them as comfortable? Is that even a relevant question? Well, yes it is. Very much so.

Continue reading Why your safety boots might actually be damaging your feet.

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New CKL Workwear ‘Catalog 2’ out now


CKL are pleased to announce CATALOG 2 – their second workwear brochure containing over 1000 workwear and PPE products covering all your basic mainstream everyday workwear needs.

The extensive choice of products in this catalogue will cover all your basic workwear needs, and all represent great value.

CATALOG 2 should be considered as supplementary to CKL’s CATALOG 1 which contains the ‘BestSellers’ products, which also includes other workwear products not found in CATALOG 2, including some unique products which represent even greater value for money.

Don’t forget our other WORKWEAR Catalogues…!

  • CKL Workwear CATALOG 1 : a more focused range of best selling adults’ products across Leisure wear, Workwear, Corporate Clothing, Outdoor wear, Sports wear & General Clothing.
  • JALAS Safety Footwear BestSellers : around 25 of the most popular JALAS boots, including the game-changing JALAS orthotic insoles & FootStop Service
  • JALAS & TEGERA Full Catalogue the full range of over 500 products
  • CKL SkinCare range : our superb range of premium skin-care solutions for industrial use
  • CKL General Clothing & Accessories : a priced catalogue with hundreds of fantastic value general purpose, fashion items aimed at our all types of trade resellers. Includes items such as hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas, socks, torches etc.


  • TEGERA Safety Gloves BestSellers : around 30 of the most popular Tegera gloves to cater for most industrial needs
  • VISIJAX  : our exciting new range of ‘wearable technology workwear & LED Hi-Vis Jackets