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It all starts with your feet

They are the foundation of the human body.
As with any building, if the foundation is weak,
the whole structure is compromised.

“Foot, knee and back injuries account for the majority of sick days. In other words, the right safety shoes make a great difference”

– Lars Eghamn

It’s no surprise that so many things can go wrong with your feet…

The Foot Book

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– advice and facts on foot protection and safety shoes.

• misalignment of hips • fallen arches •  RSI • misalignment of knees • pronated feet • hyper extended knees • grinds miniscus • back pain • malformations of toes

These ailments most often go undiagnosed, unreported or even unrecognized, as sufferers are simply unaware that they have an actual medical condition. The reality is that fallen arches and over-pronation of the foot are actually an inevitable of poor foot care, largely due to a lack of awareness as well as the fact that feet have to be individually measured to provide the correct support, and this has never been practical or financially viable in the past.

Look at your feet

Without the correct support, arches simply collapse, and in time this can have knock-on effects to the knees, hips and back.

What had always been required was an intelligent common-sense rethink of the outmoded approach to shoes and insoles. Now, thanks to a revolutionary new system utilising cutting edge medical science, computer technology and hi-tech materials, foot complaints may soon become a thing of the past.

A world first, state-of-the-art computerised foot scanner. The orthotic insoles are supplied immediately, for results that are instant and astonishing yet far cheaper and more effective than many medical orthotics.

How it works

Foot scanning provides information on the width, size and model that are most appropriate for your foot. Using foot scanning, a picture of the foot is obtained with respect to the arch, stress points or excessive angle of the foot (pronation-supination). This information is important for choosing the right insole.

Revolutionary Orthotic insoles

Our state-of-the-art Scandinavian designed insoles are orthotic, anatomic, arch-supporting & astonishingly shock-absorbing, using a mix of high-tech materials, such as poron XRD, this is a high technology product. Suitable for everyone, from office workers, to construction engineers.
They can be used with any shoe.

CKL Clothing

FSS Anatomic Insole

JALAS® Neutralizer insoles are available in a variety of sizes and arch heights. The computer scan decides on the most appropriate sizing, and the insole can be supplied and worn there and then. The insoles can be worn with any item of footwear, for an instantaneous improvement in foot comfort and support.

However, JALAS safety boots are specifically designed to be worn with this insole, therefore for best results, they are recommended. In tests, user commonly report unprecedented levels of comfort, complete freedom from foot pain, and even a disappearance of chronic back pain.

Jalas Orthotic Insoles Features

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CKL Foot Health & Safety

Download the CKL Foot Health & Safety PDF below, and learn how occupational foot injuries, RSI, planar fasciitis, and fallen arches, can now be prevented, and even treated.