JALAS 1625 'E-Sport' Safety Boot
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“We sell 100s of different workboots but I can’t sell any of them with a clear conscience any longer because the JALAS E-Sport 1625 is simply the best by a large margin and could mean the difference between foot pain and foot comfort to my clients.

It’s the boot we give to our own staff, along with a JALAS Neutralizer insole.”
Bali Rakhra (Sales Director of CKL)

Quite possibly the lightest, most flexible, comfortable, and safest general purpose work boot in Europe.

•  weighs less 500 grammes (based on a size 8)
•  very flexible toe (bends over 90º)
•  Aluminium toe cap 
•  Anti-Slip
•  Anti-Static
•  ESD
•  Water-Resistant
•  Oil-resistant
•  Shock absorbing sole
•  Protected toe cap edge for inner foot comfort *3
•  Wider fit for comfort
•  Bonded Kevlar & Aluminium midsole – helps prevent punctures through the sole better than steel *4

Why Aluminium Toecaps are better than Steel or Composite.
Our aluminium toecaps are as strong as steel but much lighter, and are also inherently safer than composite, as composite toe caps do not show any visible signs of damage if they have internal cracks or fractures after an impact, meaning users will continue to wear the boots unaware that the toecaps may be severely compromised and weakened. A subsequent impact could then potentially shatter the toecaps, leading to the foot being crushed. In contrast, metal toecaps will deform on the first impact, visibly alerting the user to replace the boots and potentially saving a future serious injury to the foot.

JALAS do offer composite toecaps in some other boots in their range as some lighter duty applications demand them (e.g. non-metal products for airport security etc), however, in those environments, heavy knocks onto the toe are far less likely than in other heavy use environments (such as construction or engineering).

Toecaps digging into the foot ?
A Common Complaint of Work Boots Fixed

*2 A common complaint of work boots is that the inside edges of the toe cap over time start digging through the inner layers of the boot, and rub against the wearer’s feet, which can cause significant pain or discomfort. JALAS use extra thick layers of silicon to cover the edge to precisely to prevent this. Even after a year of continuous wear, users routinely report that the boots are as comfortable as new.

4-Layer Nail Penetration Protection acts as a warning
*3 Our midsoles have 2 layers of aluminium bonded to 2 layers of Kevlar that flexes. So if a nail penetrates the outsole, the midsole will first rise and push against the sole of the foot, thereby notifying the user that a nail has penetrated, potentially providing the user some time to adjust the foot, before the other layers of protection are overcome. Even if the user does not make any adjustment, the 4-layer protection bursts sequentially, creating a click-clack underfoot again notifying the user that the pierce risk is approaching.

Extremely comfortable, lightweight & flexible. Highest level of protection, excellent grip & fit, good shock absorption

Low weight, oil-resistant outsole, anti-static properties, padded boot shaft, ventilating insole, water repellent, reflector, double shock absorption zones, conforms with IEC 61340-5-1 (ESD)

Prevents risk of:, toe injuries, nail penetration, antistatic

Indoors, outdoors, environments with risk for outsole penetration


Sandal (1605)
Safety Shoe (1615)


EN Compliance S3 SRC CI
Type Boots/Ankle boots
Sub type Safety footwear
Fastening Laces
Nail protection material Plasma-treated composite (PTC) textile
Fitting Regular
Sizes 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47
Collection E-Sport
Platform M-Sport
Insole FX2 Classic


Upper PU-coated leather, split leather
Lining Polyester, Polyamide
Sole Plastic shank, PU outsole
Toecap Aluminium*
Insole Textile, soft EVA, polyester-based conductive thread, shock absorption zone in Ergothan

Black (with grey & red)


Most workboots provide adequate protection, so the distinguishing factor is comfort and wellbeing. It’s relatively easy to make tough boots that act like cages for the feet, but the challenge is to make these safety boots comfortable.

Introducing JALAS – the Scandinavian specialists in anatomical know-how, ergonomics and supreme comfort – bringing wellbeing to safety footwear.

The JALAS brand is owned by Ejendals – a 100 year old company from Finland, with €100M turnover, and who are the absolute market leaders in safety footwear in Northern Europe.

JALAS boots are available from CKL Workwear Distribution.

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